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The Amazing Benefits of an Inversion Tabled

Inversion therapy has been around for decades. It basically involves positioning the body in an  upside down position and is believed to have significant therapeutic benefits. To maintain this position, you have to hang by the feet, ankles or legs. Different methods are used to achieve this position. You can use gravity boots, inversion chairs or inversion tables. However, the most common method is using inversion tables. They are believed to be the most effective for inversion therapy.

What is an inversion table?

An inversion table is a special kind of table made specifically for inversion therapy. Inversion tables have different angles of inclination to choose from in order to enable the user to choose the angle that is the most comfortable for them. An inversion table is more comfortable on the ankles, feet, and legs compared to other inclination methods.

What is it good for?

An inversion table is good for several body conditions. First and foremost, it is useful for relieving back pain. It does this by providing traction for the entire spine which reduces all the pressure that is present in the spine. This reduces the pressure on the discs thereby causing relaxation and reduced back pain. Inversion tables are also great for relieving joint pressure. When you engage in very intense workouts, pressure builds up in the joints and causes you to be very sore. The inversion table helps by stretching your muscles and reducing the pain. The upside down position also makes it possible for your body to eliminate waste from your lymphatic system. This is possible because, normally, lymph moves in one direction. The inclined position changes this thereby making it possible for you to get rid of lactic acid and other waste products. Last but not least, inversion tables help in improving blood circulation throughout the body.

Benefits of an inversion table

There are a number of benefits you get from using an inversion table that you do not have when using other inversion methods. First and foremost, with an inversion table, you get to choose your inclination angle. This is very important because it enables you to choose an angle you feel the most comfortable in. This prevents any injuries and complications.
Inversion tables are also advantageous because they are a great alternative to people who want to avoid undergoing a back surgery. This is because when used regularly, one is able to completely eliminate back pains and other back-related conditions.
Inversion tables also have numerous health benefits, you can use them to ease back pain, reduce joint pressure, deal wit kidney stones and eliminate waste from the lymphatic system among many others.

The other benefit you get from inversion tables is the fact that you do not need any assistance to invert yourself. All you need to do is secure yourself and you are good to go.
ConclusionIn conclusion, if you have been suffering from back problems, it might be a good idea to discuss inversion therapy with your doctor. It has worked for many people and it might be the best solution for you. It is a non-invasive therapy, very easy to do and does not cause any pain. It is definitely a good alternative to back surgery.

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