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Hey There, 

Welcome to Inversion Table Reviewer site. My name is Mark and my wife is aliysia. We both are in our mid 30′s. We are self proclaimed Fitness enthusiasts and are passionate about fitness.
We are the authors of inversiontabledoctor.com

My early brush with fitness workouts started when I had just started working, just out of graduation very new and very much keen to create an impact. I was fit and healthy.

Everything was fine for the first couple of years. When I was in my early 30′s my workouts had become a rarity. Stress at work and abnormal eating habits had taken its toll and I was out of shape. Most importantly my long hours of work in front computer brought with it unbearable lower back pain.

Lower back pain had become a regular thing and It used become unbearable early in the morning. There were many nights I could not sleep and have to sleep in the sitting posture.

I tried many things including ebooks, pain killers, creams, message but a few made me slightly better but back pain used to come back again very hard and invariably I had become prone to Pain Killers. It was getting out of hand and started effecting even my job.

That’s when I was introduced to Inversion Therapy techniques and knowing the science behind it I wanted to try. I went ahead and bought the Inversion  Table from Amazon.

Its been 6 months since am on Inversion technique and I have to say it has reduced my back pain drastically. It has not gone completely but it was much better than 6 months ago.

Cutting the long story short. Today I am regularly in the near by Gym and monitor exercise regime and work mostly on Cardio training with a little strength training.

Over the last several months I have bought more than one Inversion Table and have gathered quite a lot of insights on the various Inversion Tables. I realized it was the right time for me to share what we have found for you and the result of that is in front of you as this beautiful site.

This site is useful for people who are suffering from back pain and in spite of having tried creams, pain killers have not found a solution.

We have put in a lot of efforts to give you a comprehensive insight into various Inversion Tables in the marketplace. We will also explore different means to reduce the back pain.

Now how do you find the best Inversion Tables for you?

That’s what we hope to help you figure out. I dig into each Inversion Tables so thoroughly that it’s taken us days to understand all of the features. Then, we assemble the information together with as much care as we can manage and put it on this site. The Inversion Table reviews you’ll find here give you everything we can possibly uncover so that you’ll feel you’ve been able to give it a virtual demo.

We have also structured our site in such a way that you will be able find the best suited Inversion Tables and various means to  reduce the back pain without much of a search. There’s a page listing all the Inversion Table Reviews, a separate Brand specific page which covers different Inversion Table brands, Best sellers page covers the best sellers for the month, What’s New page will have a new development in Inversion Tables in the market, Different Priced Page lists various priced Inversion Tables, Hot Deals Page is where we list the best deals of the month, a separate page for Buying tips where we focus on different tips before you buy your Inversion Tables. Finally we have created a page where we compare feature to feature of different Inversion Tables.

Best of all – if you have a question, post a comment and we will answer it as quickly as we can.

Good luck in your search!


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love inversion 03/18/2017 17:55

Hello i want to ask you: Inversion table safe while spawning life?